Smart Outsourcing: Key to Growth for SaaS Companies

Smart Outsourcing: Key to Growth for SaaS Companies

If we combine this with using the opportunity and learning from these people then we can even make up for the natural loss of knowledge that accompanies outsourcing. Your new team members should continue working even if they do not know how to complete a particular procedure. To avoid such a situation, you must document tasks and internal processes, provide all team members with access to this information, and ensure smooth onboarding.

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The team must be respectful of the client’s needs and communicate clearly and concisely while providing valuable information. To start sharing your knowledge, you need to set up ways to collect and store it. Therefore, implementing current knowledge management trends and best practices is the key to success. The internal knowledge base will allow you, first of all, to significantly raise the level of your own team, resulting in more stable, loyal, and knowledgeable staff, and of course, share this expertise with others. If you choose to outsource, your main goal is to cut expenses and shorten the project’s time frame.

Potential of outsourcing in the field of entrepreneurship development in the AI economy

Another positive outcome we receive is the improvement of working relationships which leads to higher performance for the whole team. So, the key distinction is that in the case of smart outstaffing an agency cares about final results by their specialists + provides supplementary options companies might need when extending software development teams. While traditional outstaffing is limited to the hiring and maintenance of specialists. Smart outstaffing, on the other hand, involves a more strategic approach to using external talent. While the two models are highly in demand with both large tech giants and small startups looking for remote talent, the key difference is that the outsource model enables you to hire external developers to deliver a solution on a turnkey basis.

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The research in the article is carried out at the micro-level of the AI economy when studying the practice of entrepreneurship. Outsourcing the collection of research data provides an opportunity for both market research companies, as well as enterprise organisations, to become more efficient and cost-effective, still ensuring quality and speed. So the best model for outsourcing is having mixed teams where ideally not more than half of the team comes outside of our organization.

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The recurring revenue model that SaaS businesses are built on top of creates unique challenges that need to be addressed through constant innovation and improvement. These businesses often require a large and highly skilled team to handle tasks such as development, marketing, and customer support. Nevertheless, for Hayward, the optimization made possible by its lean and Six Sigma initiative has played two pivotal roles. Since the company’s offshoring strategy is one of augmenting, not replacing the capabilities of its U.S. plants, it is important for the company to have its U.S. operations as efficient as possible, explains Adelberg.

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To find the answer to RQ2 and identify promising areas for the development of “smart” outsourcing in support of the humanization of entrepreneurship in the AI economy, the case study method is used. With the help of the chosen method, successful examples of the use of “smart” outsourcing in various business operations of entrepreneurship are systematized. Using the method of comparative analysis, the advantages of “smart” outsourcing compared to traditional outsourcing are identified.

The complexity of a SaaS business and the benefits of outsourcing

Both the ambitious aims and the responsibility level of cooperation require an in-depth knowledge of available technologies. In fact, that’s about not only innovativeness but also integrating all the core business processes in the most effective way. It is the process of augmenting an existing in-house development team with the external workforce. Usually, it is an oversea company that has more of the required expertise in a sought-after industry or a technical field. Outstaffing allows companies to save time when looking for the right expert, as well as money, not having to overpay for local talent. Before reaching out to an IT outstaffing services provider, it’s important to figure out several key questions.

  • If you have to hire a developer until the project’s end, you can get him or her as well.
  • Before reaching out to an IT outstaffing services provider, it’s important to figure out several key questions.
  • Talk to a technical manager and see how their development process is arranged.
  • The key conclusion is that in the AI economy, the humanization of entrepreneurship can be provided with the help of “smart” outsourcing, which is more preferable than traditional outsourcing due to its increased flexibility, rationality, and efficiency.
  • Thus, the article develops and complements the scientific provisions of the Theory of Human Resource Management .

This is beneficial for small businesses or early startups that may not have the resources to make a large upfront investment in software. Reach thought-leading professionals through cost-effective marketing opportunities to deliver your message, position yourself as a thought leader, and introduce new products, techniques and strategies to the market. The article is based on a quantitative and qualitative methodology in accordance with a systematic approach to form the most complete and reliable understanding of the use of outsourcing in entrepreneurship in the AI economy.

Will you provide support for my team and me?

From our headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay, we provide technical support and customer services to companies around the world and in all time zones. Since the outstaffing model implies constant interaction with remote team members, it’s what is outstaffing vital to establish an effective communication channel and means of monitoring development progress. As a universal language of communication between experts located in different countries or even continents, English is usually preferred.

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Usually, a development team consists of a project manager, software architect, project lead, QA engineer, backend developer, database administrator. Mykhailo has 7+ years of experience in web-based project development using Python and related technologies. Mykhailo has participated in several complex projects, working full time for international customers and as a CTO in his own startups. Exact Data is a Chicago-based provider of multi-channel direct marketing services, with a focus on database marketing lists and social media pay-per-click advertising. Smart outstaffing companies take a more hands-on approach to managing their remote workers and making sure they do good work.

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All accounting companies need good specialists, but not all have the opportunity to maintain a huge staff. For this reason, many business representatives nowadays transfer business processes to the services of outstaffing. Finally, the real problem with smartsourcing is to find people who work beyond the limited commodity-driven approach.

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